3 May, 2018 14:28

The next meeting of the Isle of Mull Woodturners will be this coming Sunday May 6th at our Craignure Workshop.

Bob will be providing a demonstration and the workshop will be open to visitors as it is also the Producers Market. If you have any items to offer for sale please bring them along at 1.30.

A further reminder that we need to know, if you have not already told me, if you are wanting a seat at Martin Sabin -Smiths Colouring Demonstration on Thursday Evening May 31st

Peter Williams
The Anchorage
Isle of Mull

01680 812249





It’s been a while … !

So, blink twice and you’ll miss nearly a year of updating your website !

Compounded by broadband and some computer issues we’ve been posting on Facebook and more recently Twitter, whilst gathering followers from around the world including novices and some world class turners.

Things have been moving forward with the Club with new lathes, new members and new opportunities on the horizon.  The Clubhouse within the village hall is getting quite cramped but more of that later !

Firstly, we’re now sustaining our formal membership numbers at around 15 and we have more people interested in joining.  Every-time someone steps aside from the Club (normally due to work or time constraints) a new member arrives to take their place.  So we are maintaining our 0.5% of the entire population of Mull as members !!

We’ve also been been busy turning and selling our wares including at a very rainy and windy Annual Salen Show (Aug’16) and somewhat dryer and more frequent Craignure Producers Markets, when we have also opened up the Clubhouse to demonstrate woodturning to anyone interested.   Check out CPM Dates and pop in to say Hello !

Secondly, we are physically growing to the extent we’ve been able to purchase two ‘new to us’ lathes for the Club in the last year.  The first is a classic Record Coronet Major with lots of associated bits dating.  Dating to around 1974 it came to us from a barn in Dervaig on Mull.  The second lathe is a more recent Record Coronet III (the one with the stainless steel bars) and it cam all the way from Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfrieshire !

We now have five full size lathes, including one in need of some TLC to get it working.  In true workshop style we have a red, green, blue, ‘the new lathe’ (which is also green); and ‘the wee one’, which is a mini lathe on loan from a member.  The one under repair might need a respray to maintain the rainbow colour theme … purple or yellow … but might end up whatever colour of spray can we have at the time !!

Thirdly, we have taken lots and lots of pictures from our Sunday turning sessions and Salen Show, so we’ll add a year in review photo-collection to help everyone catch up with events.  We really should try and record ‘the banter’ but one recent panoramic shot is pretty funny in itself !

Fourth, we’ve been invited to demonstrate our turned items at Duart Castle on 24th June, as part of the Clan Maclean Gathering 2017, when 600 MacLeans return ‘home’ to the castle and festivities.  So, if you are a Maclean and coming over to Mull for the event, come and say Hello !  We will be back at the Salen Show in August 2017.

Finally, in the next few weeks we will be updating the website (promise) with details of our last AGM, updating our increasing Friends page, and hopefully will be bringing some news on the future of the Clubhouse !

See what I did there, you read the entire update looking for the future Clubhouse info and it’s still under wraps … !

Remember ‘Dinnae Burn It … Turn It !

Bye for now from the Isle of Mull !

PS: we are now on Twitter … @IoMWT !


Spirit stains and wax finishing

At our latest Sunday Turning session we explored the use of spirit staining on the wood and wax finishing.  Whomever, allowed us to have a blow torch and spirit stains in the same room needs ‘more training’ but we survived !  NB: the actual blow-torching was completed outside and away from the spirit stains … we’re a bit mad but not totally stoopid !!

Bob Hastie had prepared some blank canvas bowls to demonstrate/experiment upon firstly with spirit stains and lastly with wax finishes (gold & silver).  Interaction being at the forefront of our demonstrations , enthusiastic comments and encouragement were received from the audience, with the resultant bowl design by Committee !

After a lot of wiping on and wiping off; adding various spirit colours; and contributions from the floor (the demonstrator should really not ask for suggestions), the spirit staining produced a lovely effect on the bowl.  The secret we decided is that ‘more is more’ but you need to know when to stop i.e. before you get brownish (wood) effect.

Lesson learned we moved to wax effect and decided to keep it simple and go for silver then gold wax rather than adding stain then wax, with the resultant shimmering bowl demo stating the effect across two tone wood – the darker wood picking up the silvering wax and the lighter the gold wax.

Thanks again to Bob for the fab demo … we’re all off to the supermarket to buy water based food dye and gold shoe polish !

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Off centre #2

Sunday turning 12th Jun’16 … off-centre but spindles this time … Ted Dowling, Chairman get’s his skew chisel out !  Carrying on from the previous meeting’s off-centre brooch we delved into off-centre spindle turning … cogs (if anyone fancy’s making a wooden car engine !), a sofa leg and practicing not losing a knuckle.

Everyone had a go, so think someone needs to turn a swear box to boost Club funds !!  :o)

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Off Centre #1

Sunday’s turning demonstration was off-centre turning of a pendant by Bob Hastie.  Essentially turning the wood in a single axis but in a couple (or more) horizontal positions.

The secret being to mark the rear-block and move the brooch block along the same axis to add the off-centre features.

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Photography Part II

Justinas Paradnikas also took some photos of Peter Williams’ and Bob Hastie’s pens.  Peter’s onion design helps those with arthritis grip the pen.  Pics look fab.

For more information on purchasing pens just email us – link on sidebar !

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Pyrography ± Photography = Creativity

So, the idea was to have someone demonstrate pyrography to the IoMWT Club Session but our referred by a ‘third party’ pyro expert turned out to be … an amateur photographer not a pyrographer.  A really nice guy called Justinas Paradnikas who was working on the island and from Lithuania.  A very long story but we didn’t burn anything and got some fantastic photos.

Suffice to say he must have thought we nuts when making the arrangements for his demo with comments about fire extinguishers, extension cables and safe working distances (we have a small workshop).  Welcome to Mull … Justinas we’re creative but a bit … out there !

So the demonstration was how to make a bangle – something practical and wearable for a change. Lots of photos below.

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Then Justinas’ has go with the photos … a bit more concentration, aperture adjustment and light angles i.e. a bit more arty !

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Thank you so much Justinas for your professional photographs of our work … they look fantastic.

Hollow Forms

So in the bi-weekly challenge to find something new to try and demonstrate … Bob HAstie digs out a Hollow Form Vase.  The picture gallery shows the process start to finish.  A big thank you to Peter who took the photos and was brave enough to sit close into the action !  We really need a health & safety officer !!!

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March Update & Lidded Box


A big thank you to Charlie Hogg for donating a dust extraction unit to the Club and to Sarah Everitt who donated some metal shelving that will allow us to store/dry wood.  Looks like we’re going to need bigger premises !

Another Sunday turning session this time a lidded box can you see the join !

A lidded box !

Our Official Workshop Opening !

Woohoo, we officially opened up our new workshop to the public on 29th November to coincide with the Craignure Village Hall Producer’s Market.  Lots of people attended the market and most also seemed to come into the workshop, check out some of our turning and view our video feed of live turning (from a safe distance !).

A few adventurous visitors even received some hands on tuition.

Cllr Mary-Jean Devon Cut's The Ribbon to Open the Club.

Cllr Mary-Jean Devon Cut’s The Ribbon to Open the Club.

The IoMWT workshop was then officially opened by Councillor Mary-Jean Devon.  We’d like to say a big thank you  to Mary Jean for opening our workshop and “throwing a few shavings” whilst she was with us.


Also a big thank you to all who came and contributed to the day whether demonstrating, selling turned items or just keeping the shavings under control in support of our first Open Day.  We received lots of compliments on the day and encouragement afterwards, supportive of the aims of the Club and growing the initiative so quickly.

A few more people highlighted their interest in joining and there we sold some items too too which will help boost the Club’s funds.

Happy Christmas, we’ll see you in 2016, when we will be recycling our Christmas trees by putting them on the lathe !