The Isle of Mull Wood Turners club has a number of aims:

  • to share, encourage and develop wood turning skills on the Isle of Mull
  • to encourage the next generation of wood turners
  • to develop a dedicated space where wood turning skills can be learned and practiced
  • to provide social interaction, friendship and a community resource

Mull Wood Turners is open to all irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity or disability.

Full members will be expected to be members of Association of Wood Turners GB.  Sponsors and supporters may be affiliated members, however for insurance purposes will only be allowed to use club equipment under supervision, and at the discretion of the Committee.

Members under the age of 19 will not be expected to pay subscription or session fees.

For more information about the club please contact the Secretary.


    • Hi Vish, there’s a meeting tomorrow 2pm Sunday 22nd April, when we’ll generally be messing about as there is no specific demo planned. ! Last time we challenged ourselves to make goblets with varying success from green wood. We have four lathes and you’d be very welcome to come along and have a go. Four or five members also regularly meet on a Wednesday morning 10 – 12.30, give Peter Williams a call on 01680 812249 to double check they are meeting if you’d like to go along Wed.

      Where are you staying … you might be able to cadge a lift !?

      Kindest regards . . . Stuart


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