Our Official Workshop Opening !

Woohoo, we officially opened up our new workshop to the public on 29th November to coincide with the Craignure Village Hall Producer’s Market.  Lots of people attended the market and most also seemed to come into the workshop, check out some of our turning and view our video feed of live turning (from a safe distance !).

A few adventurous visitors even received some hands on tuition.

Cllr Mary-Jean Devon Cut's The Ribbon to Open the Club.

Cllr Mary-Jean Devon Cut’s The Ribbon to Open the Club.

The IoMWT workshop was then officially opened by Councillor Mary-Jean Devon.  We’d like to say a big thank you  to Mary Jean for opening our workshop and “throwing a few shavings” whilst she was with us.


Also a big thank you to all who came and contributed to the day whether demonstrating, selling turned items or just keeping the shavings under control in support of our first Open Day.  We received lots of compliments on the day and encouragement afterwards, supportive of the aims of the Club and growing the initiative so quickly.

A few more people highlighted their interest in joining and there we sold some items too too which will help boost the Club’s funds.

Happy Christmas, we’ll see you in 2016, when we will be recycling our Christmas trees by putting them on the lathe !



Clean & Tidy !

We now have no excuse for any shavings on the workshop floor as we took delivery of a new Rutland Wet and Dry Vacuum.

Salen Show

Hi all,

We’ve been really busy both at work and turning, so apologies for the delay in posting these pictures of the IoMWT Club visit to the Salen Show.  A fun day out for everyone, the Club stand sold turned items to raise Club funds; welcomed new members; and welcomed donations of some wood too !

We also generated a lot of interest at the Show and we took both a Pole Lathe (foot powered) and Power Lathe (electric) to the stand to demonstrated spindle turning on the Pole Lathe and Bowl Turning on the Power LAthe.

Bob Hastie and Ted Dowling spent the day working the lathes, Bob making beautiful  highly polished Ash bowls and Ted demonstrating making spirtles and rounders bats, though on the day people thought they were priests (for fishing), baseball bats or truncheons (although when Peter tried to to sell one to a Police Office he thought they were too low tech!).

The sale of the items either made on the day or donated by members raised £110 for club funds.

We’ll be back in 2016 !

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IoMWT Funding Support

Fantastic news that we have received some funding from Mull and Iona Community Trust.  Have a look at our Funding & Sponsor’s page


Definitely not all quiet at IoMWT Club

We’ve been fairly busy at the IoMWTs and as a result there has been a delay in posting to the website …. my apologies !

Our new home Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.41.20 First things first, we have moved into our new home at Craignure Village Hall.  Our donated lathes have been set up and we have been gifted the purchase of a new lathe (see below).

Beginner sessions

As we have a base to work from that we are kitting out with lathes and tools, we have initiated Beginners Sessions to get people turning wood (safely), using our equipment and learning how to use the different chisels, etc. For more informaiton on Beginner Sessions or getting involved contact the Club Secretary here

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Brand New Lathe

Record Power DMLRecord Power DML 2

Thanks to a very kind and anonymous donation we have been able to purchase a new lathe to augment our existing machines.  The Record DML has arrived and been installed complete with it’s bowl turning attachment.  The bags of cement are critical addition and stop the lathe walking across the floor !!

New Chuck and chisels

Rutland ChuckA shiny new Rutland Chuck kit has arrived as have three new Record 1/2” Fingernail chisels are nice and sharp. We now have interchangeable chucks for all our lathes !    

More soon  . . . .  !    

Inaugural Novice Woodturning Session in our new Workshop !

Fantastic to see that after setting up our new workshop in Craignure Village Hall, the first turning session took place, pics (of the workshop !) and of the session … here.

What this space for the next session or to find our more email isleofmullwoodturners@gmail.com

Don’t burn it turn it !!

Sunday – 7th Jun’15 …. New Workshop Setup

After what seems like an eternity, we are getting into our new (temporary) home and the IoMWT Club are setting up (work)shop in Craignure Village Hall.

Donated and loaned lathes are all on route, with benches, chisels and the obligatory bucket and brush to clean up the mess.  First Aid kit at the ready the Club will have an official home !

Sunday, 7th Jun’15 sees the Club have a setup Club day after which we’ll be ready to accept more members and have our various lathes setup and ready to turn, turn and turn again !!

Pics to follow on Sunday night (promise!).

Sunday Turning – 10th May’15

Gotten a little behind with the posts to the site !

Back at Colin Newton’s excellent workshop, Bob Hastie decides to make something triangular out of a cube of wood (laburnum).

Step one … take a cube of wood and mount it on the lathe, corner to corner !  NB. Packing tape is an optional extra on our Club lathe.


Step two  . . .  spin it up, standing well back just incase it flies off.  Stick in a sharp object, a 3/8ths bowl gouge will do, not your finger !

IMG_0029 IMG_0034

Step 3 . . . create a nice curve on one side of the cube out to the edges, creating wings, keep your fingers, sleeves and anything else away from the wings – you’ll not see them until they hit something !






Step 4 . . . cut away the other side to create a an ‘core stalk’, then cut down the stalk to release the workpiece.




Step 5 . . . create a jamb chuck and finish off the outside.



Step 6 . . .  take a picture of the finished workpiece and remember not to delete it !

Off to try and relocate the final picture to publish it !  :o)

Keeping Mull Tidy !

Yesterday, IoMWT did our bit to keep Mull Tidy, clearing away a large chunk of Ash tree from the roadside in Salen.

Starting point … take one large log and roll log to get a high point, chalk it in place with a handy tree slice.


Prepare a badass chainsaw with a 3 foot blade (aka Ripper).


Attach a ladder (!!!) to the top of the log.  Attach chainsaw rig atop the ladder and slide saw rig through the log … cuts like butter.


Reveal the first layer, never to be seen as fresh as this again.


Repeat the process revealing the heart of the tree and fantastic markings.  Within minutes the slice is drying and the colours are changing.

IMG_0015 IMG_0017

Repeat again for a 3rd slice and slice and dice the final chunk into three ready for transportation.

IMG_0018 IMG_0022

IMG_0023 IMG_0024

End point … a pile of sawdust and a lot of very nice wood to dry and turn. Job done, Mull is tidy again !!


Remaining logs are the property of the householder !!  :o(

Thanks to Bob the chain saw expert, Charlotte and Richard for keeping an eye out for the rozzers (we had permission honest !) and pics by Stuart who now seems to have a large log taking up residence in his storeroom !

Sunday Turning – 26th Apr’15

8 members attended and Bob Hastie was turning a natural edged bowl from a lovely elm burr, due to various constraints we were unable to finish this bowl on the day so took it home and finished it on his bigger lathe.

20150427_163157This was how far we got on Sunday lots of tool marks that we struggled to remove on the lightweight lathe and also still a little too heavy in the edge.


I found that my hollowing tool did a great job of cleaning up the marks on the inside it also meant that my fingers were well away from the danger zone.


This was followed by power sanding with my Hope sanding arbor fitted on a drill. As you can see the lathe is stationary, I would normally have the piece spinning slowly as I sanded but on natural edge bowls I sometimes find it easier to lock the workpiece and sand locally.


Sanding sealer applied.


Waxed and polished, this is the finished article.