Pyrography ± Photography = Creativity

So, the idea was to have someone demonstrate pyrography to the IoMWT Club Session but our referred by a ‘third party’ pyro expert turned out to be … an amateur photographer not a pyrographer.  A really nice guy called Justinas Paradnikas who was working on the island and from Lithuania.  A very long story but we didn’t burn anything and got some fantastic photos.

Suffice to say he must have thought we nuts when making the arrangements for his demo with comments about fire extinguishers, extension cables and safe working distances (we have a small workshop).  Welcome to Mull … Justinas we’re creative but a bit … out there !

So the demonstration was how to make a bangle – something practical and wearable for a change. Lots of photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then Justinas’ has go with the photos … a bit more concentration, aperture adjustment and light angles i.e. a bit more arty !

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much Justinas for your professional photographs of our work … they look fantastic.

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